A Boring Escape: Joseph Alexander Raymond Valentino (1927)

The name Valentino was making headlines in 1927, nearly a year after the death of silent screen actor Rudolph Valentino. He was regarded by his legions of female fans as the personification of sex. Joseph Alexander R. Valentino, on the other hand, was certainly not in the headlines.

In Boggo Road Gaol for vagrancy, this young man had only just started serving his sentence when he decided it was time to return to the outside world. As he was deemed a low risk prisoner, he was given work outside the prison walls, often unsupervised.

There was nothing sensational about Valentino’s escape. His actions were so commonplace that no notice was taken when he simply downed his garden tools and casually walked out of the prison grounds. When out of sight, he quickened his pace to a run and the subsequent search failed to find him. He did not stay in one place, moving from Spring Hill and the Valley, but he was eventually recaptured in Woolloongabba.

He finished his time and was discharged on the 25th of August 1927 and once again disappeared into the public.