Get locked up for the holidays!

Boggo Road Gaol reopens its doors…

It’s true – Boggo Road Gaol is now open for historical tours, ghost tours, and events after eight long years of being closed.

Recently the State Government announced that a licence would be offered to Jack Sim ( and his company Boggo Road Gaol Pty Ltd.

The licence is for an initial period of four months – a trial to see how well we operate the site. If the State Government is satisfied with our efforts the licence will be extended until November 2013.

The Department of Public Works decided that the old prison, an icon for all the wrong reasons, was best to be managed commercially. We are under no illusions what this responsibility entails, but we believe that we can create a great tourist attraction for Brisbane and Queensland. It will take time, money and effort, and now more than ever we need your support.

Come along on one of our 1.5 hour guided historical tours through the Gaol. Run during the day and at night THE HISTORY OF BOGGO ROAD GAOL TOUR is the tour to begin with – Hear stories of escapes, riots, inmates, but also the ordinary offenders who called Boggo home over the 120 years it was in use. Highlights of the tour include a visit to 5 yard where “The Cages” of Boggo Road kept some of the most troublesome inmates of this notorious place in steel mesh enclosures. Open to the elements, the Cages were second only to the infamous Black Hole in reputation. The Hole is now long gone, but the evidence of the Cages can still be seen. At the end of the tour, you get time to explore one of the original cellblocks – read the graffiti from inmates of the 1980s and be taken back to the era of Joh, Expo 88, 4ZZZ, riots, strikes and protests.

The Gaol is haunted – as you move through the prison eyes will be watching you – the Prison Players bring Boggo to life recreating the lives of prisoners and inmates. If you aren’t careful you could find your self pushing a broom or sweeping a path!

Thanks to all of you who have been great supporters of Ghost Tours Pty Ltd ( over the past 15 years. Boggo Road belongs to the people of Queensland, so discover its secrets.

We look forward to locking you up! Call our Booking Manager Bridie Foster 0411 111 903 – bookings are essential!

Boggo Road Gaol
Boggo Road Gaol