Boggo Road Gaol Podcasts

Season 2


Episode #1

A Sneak Peek of 2019

Gaol Director Jack Sim and Research Co-ordinator Sue Olsen talk about this year’s special anniversaries and important dates.

They also reveal some of the stories that will be covered in this season of BOGGO and for the first time, you the listeners get to influence what we discuss, and let us know what you want to hear more about!


Episode #2

Halliday – The Early Years

In this episode of BOGGO Gaol Director Jack Sim and research Co-ordinator Sue Olsen discuss the early years of Arthur Ernest Halliday otherwise known as Slim Halliday.

2019 marks 80 years since Slim came to Boggo Road Gaol for his first decent stretch of time.

This sentence is a dramatic turning point in the life of Halliday.


Episode #3

Partners in Crime – Halliday Exhibit

In this Episode Gaol Director Jack Sim and Research Coordinator Sue Olsen are joined inside by Tiana Adair, Museum Assistant from the Queensland Police Museum – our partners in crime.

Tiana is here to promote our new Crime, Law and Justice Trail and to discuss with us a fascinating exhibition at the museum on Arthur Ernest “Slim” Halliday and reveals how one piece of evidence was crucial in the conviction of Halliday for wilful murder – “Peter the Dog”.