Boggo Road Gaol Podcasts

Season 3


Episode #1

Back Behind Bars
Jack Sim Gaol Director and Sue Olsen get back behind bars at Boggo Road Gaol. For the first timesince the start of the pandemic we have been able to get back behind bars.
This episode is a welcome back episode and we fill you in on what’s been happening behind the irongates of Boggo Road Gaol.





Episode #2 Part 1


Should have said Please #1

Psychopath John Hobson should have been in the maximum-security institute for the criminally insane at Sandy Gallop mental asylum near Ipswich, not Brisbane Prison.

Officers and Prisoners alike knew thathe was time bomb aggressive and prone to violent episodes.

In today’s episode Gaol Director Jack Sim and Sue Olsentalk about the life of John Hobson and whatbrought him to Brisbane Prison Complex





Episode #2 Part 2


 Should have said Please #2

In today’s episode Gaol Director Jack Sim and Sue Olsen continue the story of John Hobson. 

We discover that the time bomb was ready to explode and sadly an officer was to bear the brunt of his rage. 









Episode #3


 Mutiny at Boggo Road! Interview with former prisoner Max.

In this episode of Boggo Jack interviews Max who was a prisoner in Brisbane Prison in the late 1950s.

He recalls his involvement in a mutiny which saw prisoners scale onto rooftops and barrack themselves in their cells. Those involved were punished severely.

A fascinating insight into a serious situation here at Boggo Road 65 years ago from someone who lived it!








Episode #4



In this episode of Boggo Jack and Sue discuss the shocking revelations of the Truth newspaper in 1962.

Photographs smuggled out of the prison revealed a fact denied by authorities – the existence of wire cages to hold dangerous and troublesome prisoners – including notorious Slim Halliday.

Even women were caged!







Episode #5


 Boggo Road Gaol Temporary Closure

Hear from Boggo Road Gaol and Historic Australia Director, Jack Sim, about the upcoming temporary closure of Boggo Road Gaol.









Episode #6


Call  Girl  Controversy

In this episode of Boggo Jack and Sue discuss an incredible story published in the Courier Mail newspaper on 24 January 1991. Journalist Madonna King reported on an ongoing Criminal Justice Commission investigation into allegations of a call girl racket being run out of Brisbane Women’s Correctional Centre by its matron! Boggo Road’s former Emergency Squad Chief told the public hearing of a convicted female killer and a female prison officer being photographed together scantily clad in lingerie! It just got worse and worse…