Boggo Road Gaol Podcasts


Episode #1

Where did the name “Boggo” come from?

The distinctive name of Australia’s most notorious prison has a fascinating origin. In this episode Director Jack Sim, and Research Coordinator Sue Olsen, explain where the word “Boggo” came from and how Boggo Road Gaol was never its official name.


Episode #2

The Gallows

Between 1883 and 1913, forty-two criminals comprised of thirty-nine men, one woman and two teenagers were executed at Boggo Road Gaol – all were hanged, the last in 1913. In this episode Gaol Director Jack Sim and Research Coordinator Sue talk about a new exhibition – “The Gallows” – which explores the history of capital punishment, and punishment, behind the walls of Boggo Road Gaol.


Episode #3

The Female Division

For more than 100 years women were locked up at Boggo Road Gaol. Their stories are often overlooked. Research Coordinator Sue and performer Karen, an actor with the Female Division, a branch of Boggo Road Gaol’s live theatre troupe The Prison Players, talk about this forgotten history.