Innocence Lost The Last Man Hanged in Queensland


A monster and his crime committed 100 years ago…

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INNOCENCE LOST – THE LAST MAN HANGED IN QUEENSLAND is a Murder Trails crime casebook detailing the background of a monster and his crime committed 100 years ago in the Samford Valley, north west of Brisbane, who would become the last person executed at notorious Boggo Road Gaol.

Murder Trails author Jacqueline Craigie reveals for the first time previously unknown criminal history, photographs and images of the last man hanged in Queensland – Ernest Austin – who killed an 11 year old girl. Austin was executed on 22 September 1913. This year (2013) is the centennial of the last execution in this state.

Austin came from Victoria, where he assaulted another child and was stopped from doing worse.He served time in both Melbourne Gaol, and Pentridge Prison at Coburg. Upon release he breached his parole and headed north. A century later, Australia is still wrestling with the release of violent sexual offenders; it seems few lessons have been learnt.