Graffiti Tour

What is this tour about?

Graffiti Tours explore the images scrawled across the walls of No.2 Division. In the 1980s prisoners expressed their frustrations, anger, pain and humour on the surfaces of No.2 Division in the form of graffiti. Through artwork, words, prose and poetry these today offer an authentic insight into what was going in their minds and what was going in and out of Boggo Road. References to Expo ’88, roof-top protests, music, passions and politics range from the crude and rude, to the moving and powerful.

Griffith University PHD student Belinda Costanzo has been recording this invaluable history, and has developed a new guided tour to see some of the most fascinating graffiti.

“As part of my PhD in Criminology I am analysing the graffiti in No.2 Division of Boggo Road Gaol to gain insight into the lived experiences of prisoners formally incarcerated at the prison. In order to give the graffiti a ‘voice’, it is important to take into consideration the historical, political and social context in which the graffiti was created. During the graffiti tour you will get the opportunity to view a number of items of graffiti that remain on the walls of No. 2 Division, and discuss these in relation to broader social and political contexts of the 1980s. The content of the graffiti is diverse – some is humorous in nature, some refers to relationships (both inside and outside of the prison), and some reflect resistance to the criminal justice system, while others reflect resistance to broader social and political issues (such as Indigenous and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land Rights). On the tour you will view graffiti that is reflective of these themes and others.”

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What does the tour include?

60 minute 15+ Graffiti Tour with Tour Guide
Entry into historic Number 2 Division, Boggo Road Gaol
Visit the gatehouse, yards, the Circle and original cell blocks
Time to ask Tour Guide about the different graffiti in the prison
See original prisoner cells and authentic 1980s prisoner graffiti
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Visitors need to be aware cells and walls are covered in authentic 1980s prison graffiti – including swearing, racism, violent and obscene language and imagery. Some is extremely confronting. It is advisable to gauge the content of cells prior to allowing children to enter.

When can we visit the Gaol?

Contact us for next tour date or for a private booking of 15 or more.

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for more details or please contact Boggo Road Gaol on (07) 3844 0059 for more information.

How much does it cost to go to Gaol?

ADULT $25.00
ADULT CONCESSION Pen/Snrs/Uni Students $20.00
TEENS (15- 17 years) $17.50


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