‘BOGGO’ – EPISODE #12 – Christmas at Boggo

‘BOGGO’ – EPISODE #12 – Christmas at Boggo.

Salvation Army band at Boggo Road Gaol

Christmas is a magical time of year.  Just as it is on the outside, the prisoners in Boggo Road Gaol, received special gifts as part of the celebration of Christmas.

Prisoners received an extravagant meal, one far beyond their normal rations.

Here is an example of a menu from  1949


Regular prisoners’ rations


12 oz (340 grams) Chops – Breakfast

1 lb (450 grams) Roast Beef – Main Meal (Lunch)

1 lb (450 grams) Plum Pudding

12 oz (340 grams) English Potatoes and Vegetables

Extra Tea

Extra Sugar

Extra Bread

Tobacco Ration increased from 2oz to 4oz in Christmas Week.  (56 grams to 113 grams)

While the prisoners were excited about the extra food, it was the extra tobacco ration that was the gift of the season.   You see, Tobacco is the currency inside prison.  Tobacco is used to pay for everything, from a new toothbrush, to passing a message to a mate in a different section, even sneaking a message to the outside.   Tobacco rations were everything to the prisoner… and having double the ration… well that was gold, Literally.

Prisoners were entertained too!  The Salvation Army Band attended the prison each year, providing the prisoners with musical accompaniment for their Christmas concert.

To hear more about Christmas inside.. Listen to Episode #12 of ‘Boggo’ – the official podcast for Boggo Road Gaol.


In this episode Gaol Director Jack Sim and Research Coordinator Sue Olsen, discuss what life was like for the Prisoners of Boggo Road at Christmas and how they were permitted rare privileges reserved for special occasions.


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