“BOGGO” Episode #9 – Victims of Vice

‘BOGGO’ – EPISODE # 9 – VICTIMS OF VICE –The tragic tale of Juett sisters.

Lily Juett

Lily and Minnie Juett were sisters born in Bundaberg, the middle of eight children, in quite an impoverished family.  As soon as they were old enough to pull their weight, the children did work of some sort.   Unfortunately, the family was split up, the father getting into a bit of trouble and ending up in prison.  The children were packaged off to various farms and domestic work.  The girls were sent to work in some of the finest homes in Bundaberg, as domestics.

Lily and Minnie were not too fond of that type of work and really just wanted to be teenagers and have some fun.  Around twelve and fourteen at the time. They weren’t in their new profession very long.  They both got into trouble for stealing from their respective employers and for some improper conduct and general misbehaviour.

Both of them knew that they could not return home, there was nowhere to go anyway. So, they ended up turning to the streets to make their living, they were indeed victims of vice.

Young women in this time, were commonly on the streets, when orphaned or unable to live at home for whatever reason.  Those that exploited these women are often given little more than a fine and a slap on the wrist. The women were not so lucky and found themselves in front of the Court.

Lily and Minnie worked hard and saved their money, occasionally pinching a extra bit from their drunken clientele.  After some time had passed, they managed to pay their fare on a coastal ship to Brisbane. Hoping to change their futures for the better…


Listen to Episode #9 of ‘Boggo’ – the official podcast for Boggo Road Gaol.

In this episode, Research Co-ordinator Sue, and Researcher and Prison Player Anique are going to be talking about the research project currently being undertaken on the female division and we will share with you the tragic tale of the Juett sisters – The Victims of Vice.


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