As word of what the Kenniffs had done spread, stories, legends and folklore began to be created, some of which last to this day. Their reign was likened to the Kelly gang. Like the Kellys, in time the brothers began to be viewed by many, especially by their families, as the victims of prosecution for their Irish-Catholic origins – much to the disdain of authorities in the capital. As details emerged however, it was clear that murder had been committed, for which there was no excuse. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL ARCHIVES HERE

One of the greatest manhunts in the history of Queensland began to locate the bushrangers. It took an incredible toll on those involved, man and animal alike. Horses died of exhaustion, caves and valleys were searched; for weeks men and beasts pressed on to catch the Kenniffs. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL ARCHIVES HERE, HERE and HERE

A reward of 1000 pounds was offered, an enormous sum. Eventually, 23 June, the western bushrangers were apprehended. They were charged and brought before the courts. The end was now in sight. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL ARCHIVES HERE and HERE

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Boggo Road Gaol
Boggo Road Gaol