THE END OF “THE ROAD”: Boggo Road Gaol (1989)


As prisoners sat on the tin roof of F Wing Cellblock in Number Two Division for a fifth day in March 1988 Corrective Services Minister Mr Cooper announced Brisbane businessman Jim Kennedy would chair an inquiry into the chaos that was Queensland’s prison system. Boggo Road Gaol was a national embarrassment with rolling riots, hunger-strikes, bashings, allegations of corruption, and roof-top protests by inmates.

end of the road

The Kennedy Report, delivered in 1988, recommended extensive and sweeping reforms – a complete cultural change – away from punishment and retribution – to correction and rehabilitation. Kennedy also controversially recommended the closure of Brisbane Prison – Boggo Road Gaol. Notorious Number Two Division – scene of so much trouble in the 1980s – was the first part to close a quarter of a century ago, on 25/26th September 1989 – the beginning of the end of “The Road”. Number One Division was next, in 1992 (the official closure date). The last section to close was the Brisbane Women’s Correctional Centre shut in 2002, only 12 years ago.

Heritage-listed Number Two Division is today the only remaining section of “The Road”. Since December 2012 Boggo Road Gaol Pty Ltd has been conducting historical tours, events, re- enactments & experiences at this historic site. Leighton Property will soon reveal future of Gaol and its surroundings – as part of the Boggo Road Urban Village.

During October 2014 Boggo Road Gaol is holding special events, tours and experiences including prisoner graffiti tours, ex-officer/ ex-inmate tours and book launches to acknowledge the 25th anniversary.
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Thursday 25 September 2014 9.30pm

TRUE CRIMES with Jack Sim – 4BC Nights with Walter Williams On this episode of True Crimes 25years since closure of No 2 Div. This notorious section of Boggo Road, the scene of riots and rooftop protests in the 1980s, closed quietly a quarter of a century ago.

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Tonight we discuss this, the success of reforms that followed the Kennedy Report and what the future holds for Boggo Road.

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Boggo Road Gaol
Boggo Road Gaol