Prisoner Stories 2

Larry Campbell

Larry in his twenties.


 Theft, Shoplifting, and Break and Enter.

Cell D10

Larry with his sister. Aged 17

Larry became an orphan at 12 years of age and sent to relatives in Cunnamulla. A fringe dwelling rum drinking lot that gave him life lessons on rebellion. Running wild with young Aboriginal kids he pinched fruit, chooks and anything they could carry.

Larry at just seventeen years old was sent to Boggo Road Gaol. Placed in a cage with the notorious Slim Halliday and killer, Kel Langley( who shot a prison guard outside the gates of Boggo Road Gaol) 

In Gaol Larry received a topnotch education on the art of criminal enterprise. Shoplifter, Car thief, B&E man and eventual Boob Lawyer his inside notoriety bought him to the attention of the renowned ‘Kicking Squad’ after he bashed a prisoner for sexually assaulting a family friend.

Larry as tour guide 2017

Isolated for years after his release Larry was offered an office in the reception centre where he recorded his version of what had happened behind prison walls. After publishing his popular book, THE REAL BOGGO ROAD Larry came to the attention of the Gaol’s current management (Boggo Road Gaol Pty Ltd) and he was offered a position as a tour guide.

The Prisoner Tour has allowed Larry to give a different slant on life behind walls. The cell he occupied is opposite that of the infamous escapee, Slim ‘Slippery’ Halliday.

Larry now an older man is reaching the halls of learning with interested secondary schools and community groups coming to the Gaol  to hear his views on life inside the walls of Boggo Road Gaol. Larry is continuing to write about his time inside Boggo Road; his books can be purchased at the Gaol Shop.



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