“BOGGO” Episode #11 – An officer and gentleman – Frank ‘Trooper’ Hills

‘Boggo’ Episode # 11 – An officer and gentleman – Frank ‘Trooper’ Hills.   

An officer and  gentleman – Frank ‘Trooper’ Hills

Frank Hills known as ‘Trooper’ was an officer and a gentleman in the truest sense of the word.  A Boer War and World War One veteran twice wounded at Gallipoli and again in the Somme in France.  Trooper rose through the military ranks to Regimental Sergeant Major, the highest ranked non-commissioned officer in the Australian Army.    Trooper survived the war to become a prison officer and eventually would become involved in one of the greatest conspiracies to kill in Boggo Road Gaol History. The infamous Cyanide Plot.

The Cyanide Plot

Perhaps the most interesting and sensational time of Trooper’s career at Boggo Road was the discovery of the Cyanide Plot of 1940.   A prisoner smuggled a deadly vial of Cyanide under his armpit into Boggo Road Gaol.  It only being discovered on a pat down search of the prisoner before putting him in his cell.   The prisoner shouted to the officers “For god sake tell that man not to open that vial and smell it – it will knock him _____ out”.  It was soon discovered that the vial contained enough Cyanide to kill 50 people!



Listen to Episode #11 of ‘Boggo’ – the official podcast for Boggo Road Gaol.

In this episode, Director Jack Sim, and Research Coordinator Sue are talking about the fascinating life of an officer and gentleman – Frank ‘Trooper’ Hills.

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