“BOGGO” – EPISODE #7 –BURGLAR BILL – Notorious thief and safecracker William Thompson in his own words.

William Thompson, known in every state in Australia as Burglar Bill; has been an associate with some of the country’s most notorious criminals.  Some of them cold blooded killers who have ended their days on the gallows.

When first entering a life of crime he thought he could beat the law.  But after twenty-seven years in and out of gaol, in 1937, he finally realised that crime does not pay.  In a rare treat, the Truth newspaper in Brisbane published his full story, perhaps he would tell it best anyhow!


“I can look back on those wasted years- years that I cannot recall to live over again, now that I have learned a bit of sense.  Perhaps, as crooks go, I have had a particularly eventful life; I have met and consorted with many of the ‘big’ men; I have witnessed executions from inside and I have spent some weeks in a cell that once held the famous Ned Kelly.  But those memories are nothing to be proud of.  I am well aware that today I am regarded as one of the most persistent burglars in Australia, and I am certainly not proud of my title “Burglar Bill”.


Listen to Episode #7 of ‘Boggo’ – the official podcast for Boggo Road Gaol.

In this episode, Research Co-ordinator Sue, and tour guide Tom, share the story of the notorious Burglar Bill – William Thompson in his own words as sent to the Truth newspaper on his release in 1937. 

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