BOGGO S2 E6  –  Queensland Women’s Week

BOGGO S2 E6  –  Queensland Women’s Week

In this episode Gaol Director Jack Sim and Research Co-Ordinator Sue Olsen discuss Queensland Women’s Week 2019, how it is being celebrated with exciting events in Boggo Road Gaol and Sue makes a very special announcement!

Queensland Women’s Week (March 1 – 9) is our chance to celebrate how women have helped to weave the fabric of our state.   In Boggo Road Gaol, Women are an all too often forgotten piece of the story.   Indeed, the only remaining section of Boggo Road Gaol, was built especially for women!

In keeping with the theme of Queensland Women’s Week 2019 – Invest in Women, Invest in the future.  Talking about financial insecurity and literacy.    The stories of the women of Boggo Road Gaol directly represent what goes wrong when women are faced with financial insecurity and other difficult circumstances.

This year, in honour of these women we have produced Nine Stories Nine Women a series of short stories representative of the different circumstances that women found themselves in.  These women all from the 1930’s era of Boggo Road Gaol represent a very small selection of the surviving records and photographs.

During Queensland Women’s Week we will be sharing the Nine Stories of Nine Women in full via our website.  You can find the stories here


Coming up on International Women’s Day (8th March) at Boggo Road Gaol, our Research Coordinator Sue Olsen will deliver a short speech announcing the completion of a project that has been undertaken by the research department over the past year.

The project, which has compiled a database of the women from Boggo Road Gaol’s earliest time period is the beginning of the most comprehensive collection of female prison records.   Sue will discuss the future of the project and how you can become involved!  So come along and join us for a cup of tea in celebration of International Women’s Day and hear all about it.

 Special Event

As the culmination of Queensland Women’s Week and in celebration of International Women’s Day we are hosting a Free Morning Tea this Friday 8th of March 2019.  To join us for morning tea you simply need to book your spot and come along on our 11am fully immersive History Tour.. experience Boggo Road Gaol from the inside the gates.

Listen to this week’s episode of BOGGO – The official podcast of Boggo Road GaolHere

Come and get locked up in Boggo Road Gaol for International Women’s Day Experience what life was like for the women from the earliest times of the female division in our fully immersive tour experience Join us for a History Tour on the 8th of March to be a part of our very special International Women’s Day event.

Tickets for International Women’s Day are strictly limited so get in quickly to secure your spot.  You do not want to miss this! Click here to book now! 


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