“BOGGO” – EPISODE #6 –THE WHISKEY AU GO GO KILLERS – John Andrew Stuart and James Richard Finch – PART 2.

WARNING: Strong content and language.

The 1st November 2018 marks the 30th Anniversary of James Finch confessing his guilt in relation to the firebombing the Whiskey Au Go Go – to A Current Affair journalist  Jana Wendt – live via satellite from London.

It remains the greatest true crime confession in Australian history. Or was it?

In the now-legendary interview Finch confirmed that the information published days earlier in The Sun newspaper by Chief-of-Staff Dennis Watt was correct. James Finch claimed himself and boxer Tom Hamilton did the deed, while tattooist Billy McKulkin drove the getaway vehicle. Brisbane criminal Vincent O’Dempsey plotted the firebombing. Stuart was paid $5,000 to organise Finch’s involvement.

Jana Wendt asked Finch if he was worried now he had told the truth, that he might be extradited back to Australia to face one of the outstanding murder charges – Stuart and Finch were given life sentences on only one of the 15 counts brought against them. As this was pointed out, Mr Finch retracted his confession, and changed his story yet again, live on TV, to a shocked nation-wide TV audience.

Listen to Episode #6 of ‘Boggo’ – the official podcast for Boggo Road Gaol.

In this episode, Gaol Director Jack Sim, author of “History of Boggo Road Gaol”, and former prison officer John, talk about  James Finch, his character and personality in Brisbane Prison – Part 2 of a two-part story.

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