BOGGO S2 E3 Partners in Crime – Halliday Exhibit

BOGGO –  S 2 E3 –  Partners in Crime – Halliday Exhibit.

In this Episode Gaol Director Jack Sim and Research Coordinator Sue Olsen are joined inside by Tiana Adair, Museum Assistant from the Queensland Police Museum – our partners in crime.  Tiana is here to promote our new Crime, Law and Justice Trail and to discuss with us a fascinating exhibition at the museum on Arthur Ernest “Slim” Halliday and reveals how one piece of evidence was crucial in the conviction of Halliday for wilful murder – “Peter the Dog.”

Arthur Ernest Halliday otherwise known as Slim Halliday is one of the most notorious characters in Queensland History.   In Boggo Road Gaol we are regularly  greeted with people who know of Slim , Halliday or are somehow connected with his story.  However the majority of Queenslander’s wouldn’t know that some physical items also remain from the story of the notorious Slim Halliday.

It is one of these items that we are talking about today.


Currently under development in Brisbane is a new Crime and Justice Trail. Boggo Road Gaol is one of the four sites and museums on the trail.   The sites each hold a crucial piece of the story of crime and justice in Queensland.  Covering from the earliest of convicted felons in colonial times through to modern policing and criminal justice.

Our partners in crime and one of the most integral sites on the trail is the Queensland Police Museum located in Roma Street in Brisbane.   The 125 year old museum holds an extensive collection of items related to crime and policing and one of the most crucial pieces of evidence in the Slim Halliday Story.

But let’s step back for a second, we know from our previous episode of BOGGO that Slim Halliday was locked up in Boggo Road Gaol for Housebreaking.   Well Slim actually had three major stages in his notoriety.

Firstly, as a product of the great depression, he was a petty criminal – committing small crimes in his early career that saw him spend numerous short sentences in gaol.

Then the second part of his career where in February 1939 – 80 years ago this month he was sentenced to his first long stint in gaol. Five years.    It was in this second part of his career that he would become known as the Houdini of Boggo Road having escaped twice!

And finally the third stage where he was convicted of the horrible murder of Athol McGowan a taxi driver at Southport.  It is for this murder, Slim Halliday was to serve life in Boggo Road Gaol.

In Episode 3 of BOGGO released today, we talk to Tiana Adair from the Queensland Police Museum where she shares with us the story of the most exciting and pivotal piece of evidence this horrible crime.  Peter the dog.

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Slim Halliday – The Taxi Driver Killer tells the story of the murder in remarkable depth including images of pieces of evidence involved in the crime, including Peter the Dog. The book is available for purchase from the Boggo Road Gaol Shop.

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