BOGGO – S2 E4 – Documenting SLIM

BOGGO – S 2 E 4  –  Documenting SLIM

In this episode Research Co-ordinator Sue Olsen is talking with Director Kate Jorgensen about the short documentary SLIM that has been made at Boggo Road Gaol documenting the life of the notorious Arthur Ernest Halliday, otherwise known as Slim.
Kate shares with the audience the process of developing the documentary and we discuss the upcoming launch date for SLIM.


Over the past few episodes we have been sharing a few pieces of the story of Arthur Ernest Halliday otherwise known as SLIM.   In July 2017, a small documentary crew from the SAE institute approached us at Boggo Road Gaol looking for a suitable subject for their short documentary assignment as part of their degree.    Of course, We shared the story of the notorious escapee and convicted murderer Slim Halliday.

Over two months, they researched, planned and executed a remarkable short piece.  Each week having to pitch their story and share their progress to their class.   With the list of films being shortened each week SLIM was selected as the number one documentary that everyone wanted to work on and be a part of.

Kate Jorgenson, Demi Bird, Alfred Naupoto, Euan Paterson and their incredible cast filmed SLIM at the gaol over a four-day time period… and the whole process took a little over 7 weeks from research and development to completion.

In an exciting first, Gaol Director Jack Sim and Former Journalist and Author Ken Blanch shared the story of SLIM live in front of the camera, with the cast and crew creating the visual scenes for the audience.

In this week’s podcast, Research Co-ordinator Sue Olsen and Film Director Kate Jorgenson talk about the making of the film,  and for the first time we can share the upcoming release date for the film in 2019.

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